Meet the Mind Behind the Grill: An Exclusive Interview with Dewin, Owner of Grizzl

Welcome, food enthusiasts and Amsterdam residents, to a flavorful encounter that will leave your taste buds tingling with anticipation. In this special interview, we dive deep into the journey of Dewin, the vibrant soul steering the ship of Grizzl, a beloved food haven at Market 33.

A Journey Beyond the Grill: Dewin’s Evolution

Before the tantalizing aroma of Grizzl’s burgers enveloped the air, Dewin’s story had already intertwined with the dynamic world of Market 33. “It’s interesting because I started here, at Market 33, 6 years ago, as an employee of Grizzl,” Dewin shares with a nostalgic smile. After venturing briefly into managing another establishment, Dewin was drawn back to familiar shores, prompted by a call from his current business partner, Phillip. Since 2019, Dewin has been at the helm, infusing Grizzl with his vision and passion.

A Curious Departure: The Path to Entrepreneurship

Did Dewin always harbor aspirations of owning a business? “Never! It never crossed my mind. It just happened, and I took the opportunity,” Dewin reveals. His journey, propelled by circumstance and his eagerness to embrace new challenges, led him from working at a television station to orchestrating the art of culinary delight at Grizzl.

Unveiling the Grizzl Motto: More Than Meat

The moniker “Grizzl” isn’t just a name; it’s a philosophy. Dewin explains, “Our food stand ‘Grizzl’ is inspired by the grizzly bear. As you know, it’s an animal that lives in the forest and it’s always looking for the best food options, meat or vegetarian.” The essence of Grizzl lies in offering the finest to its patrons, whether they relish meat or opt for a vegetarian delight.

Navigating Obstacles and Savoring Success

Opening a business presents its own set of challenges. For Dewin, financial hurdles and the quest for the right location emerged as early obstacles. “In the beginning, I struggled a bit with the financial part of the business, so I can say now that was an obstacle,” Dewin reflects. He underscores the significance of the right setting—a space where culinary dreams can flourish.

Managing a business is a balancing act, and Dewin reveals, “I think it is to manage the staff… to control the quality of our products by finding the best suppliers. That’s a big challenge.” Post-pandemic, Dewin faced the task of rebuilding his team from scratch, a testament to his commitment to maintaining excellence.

Lessons and Triumphs: Dewin’s Insight

In the ever-evolving journey of entrepreneurship, lessons are etched in every experience. Dewin shares, “I learned a lot about Finance but especially on how to leave the business ‘alone’… trust my staff to do what they do best.” The power of delegation and the art of stepping back have become integral to his management approach.

A Taste of Freedom: The Joy of Ownership

Owning a business brings its own rewards. Dewin exclaims, “Without a doubt, your freedom and the capacity to manage your time.” The autonomy to mold one’s venture according to personal ideals and creative ideas is a cornerstone of entrepreneurship. For Dewin, Grizzl is not just a food stand; it’s a canvas of creativity where innovation thrives.

Glimpse into the Future: Grizzl’s Aspirations

As we conclude our conversation, Dewin shares his vision for Grizzl’s next five years: “I want Grizzl to grow… open a second location around the center of Amsterdam.” Amid dreams of expansion, Dewin also harbors thoughts of venturing into the realm of bars, an exciting avenue to explore.

Join the Grizzl Adventure

From a journey that began as an employee to becoming the visionary owner, Dewin’s voyage is a testament to the spirit of Market 33. Grizzl, with its delectable offerings and unwavering commitment, embodies the essence of culinary joy. As we venture forward, let us raise a metaphorical toast to Dewin’s entrepreneurial spirit and the flavorful world he has crafted at Grizzl.

Stay connected with the heart of Market 33 and explore the treasures it holds. Until next time, food lovers, keep savoring and keep exploring!

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